How to apply for jobs at Riskonnect: Integrated risk management solutions

Application Process

Do you want to be a part of an innovative technology company and work with amazing people? We are proud to have been chosen by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as a 2013 Top 100 Workplace and we love working with smart, passionate professionals.

How to Join Our Team

The Simple Two-Step Application Process

  1. Pick the position you are interested in.
  2. Apply here!

How We Like to Interview

If we reach out and want to schedule an interview then, congratulations!



We’re insanely curious so prepare for that! We actually read your resume and expect that you have too. We like stories and examples; we like technical people; we like smart people; we like nice people; and we especially like people who are passionate about their work.


The Interview Process

  •  We’ll work with you to set up the best time to talk either on the phone, video conferencing, or in person.
  •  You’ll talk with potential colleagues and possibly some of the Executive Management team.
  •  Our interviews reflect our style and are typically unstructured and conversational.
  •  Occasionally we might evaluate your skills with a test.
  •  You’ll usually have more than one interview.


Decision Time

Everyone involved in your interview process has a voice and we’re keen to hire the very best. After your final interview we typically get back to you within two weeks with a decision. Feel free to contact us in the interim to see how it’s going.


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