Riskonnect User Conference 2015

Riskonnect is excited for our upcoming 7th annual User Conference which will be October 12th - 15th at the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta.

The Riskonnect User Conference is hosted by Riskonnect for all of our clients and a handful of prospective clients.

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Webinar Replay

IHG Case Study: Delivering Fast and Effective results in Claims Management


Learn how IHG, a British multinational hotels company, keeps customer satisfaction top of mind, including all risk management issues.


View past webinars and product training to get a deeper understanding of Riskonnect products and solutions.

Plus, gain insights on Riskonnect company culture, clients, and technology.

The Riskonnect Platform

Riskonnect RMIS

Riskonnect RMIS, built on a cloud computing model with unsurpassed technology and thought-leading risk management expertise, is an innovative approach to incidents, claims, litigation, exposure, property, including COPE, policy management, asset management and more. The scope of the Riskonnect RMIS offering aligns with competitors. What makes the real material difference between a Riskonnect RMIS and another vendor’s RMIS? Learn More RK_HPIllustration_RMIS

Riskonnect EHS

Integrated safety and risk management yields actionable business intelligence. Risk managers and safety professionals are well-positioned with their background and expertise to reach across the aisle to integrate information and realize the bottom line results senior management and key stakeholders demand. Risk management executives and safety professionals can now provide enterprise-class, integrated risk management solutions and combined with business intelligence – all on one risk management work platform. Learn More

Riskonnect GRC

Riskonnect empowers executives to make forward-looking decisions based on real-time, enterprise-wide, comprehensive risk information. Riskonnect GRC is a comprehensive, web-based system that gathers diverse risk data from across the enterprise in a highly visual manner so that risks are easily identified, assessed, and managed. Embedding a beneficial risk culture and the right level of risk awareness throughout the organization is imperative. Technology that facilitates this can propel your program to a significantly more mature level, while at the same time optimizing expenditure on controls and improving compliance activity. Learn More RK_HPIllustration_GRC

Riskonnect Healthcare

Riskonnect’s newest product is a Healthcare Work Platform for complete handling of Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety needs. The system brings together many disparate operations that traditionally have been supported by individual applications. Our Healthcare Work Platform helps support the reduction of risk and ensures safety processes are in place to provide greater attention to areas that will help prevent and mitigate errors. Learn More

Riskonnect Advantages



Automate your business processes

Riskonnect takes work off your desk. It's almost as if the system is functioning as a member of your team.


Empower your team and your organization

Riskonnect frees up your time to make a more strategic impact. Many clients become valued facilitators of board level strategic discussions.


Assurance with end-to-end third party attestation

Riskonnect is the only cloud-computing provider with third-party certification for ALL parts of its operations.


Experience mobile everything

Put your entire RMIS in your pocket with Riskonnect1.  Access and fully use Riskonnect from anywhere and everywhere.

No Limits

Exceed today’s needs and tomorrow’s growing demands

Riskonnect technology enables the risk team to advance and achieve far greater results throughout the organization - things that affect the customer experience, the patient experience, hurt pets, property damage, supply chain, and so much more.


Experience technology that inspires innovation

Innovative technology attracts great talent. Many of the most brilliant minds in risk technology create and implement revolutionary ideas here, every day.

Industry Leaders Trust Riskonnect

“While risk management and insurance are still ‘on the cusp’ of widespread adoption of these devices [smart phones], the ability to get online and transmit, receive, or confirm data no matter where one might be at any given moment is a game changer. We had not even thought of this scenario just a few years ago. When I have questions and issues, these tools are an incredible resource. They can help explain to my management or carriers what I am doing and why. They are huge productivity tools. Even laptops are starting to seem cumbersome in comparison.”

Client Successes

50% Reduction in Claim Costs - Global Shipping & Energy Company
Automated 200,000 Emails per Month - Fortune 500 Global Retail company
93% Increased Efficiency - in Processing Payment of Bills
Eliminated Legacy Carrier System Access Fees

Upcoming Events

August 13-14: FSHRMPS Conference

August 17-19: IIA GRC 2015

August 19-21: Southeastern RIMS

Sept 15-18: Dreamforce

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